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this is britain!

He has seen service overseas, met royalty and led every battalion parade, but after eight years on the job, it is time for William Windsor to retire.

But unlike other old soldiers, this veteran will be spending his final days in a zoo – because he is the regimental goat, better known as Billy. The four-legged member of 1st Battalion the Royal Welsh was cheered from his trailer with pomp and ceremony.He will spend his honourable retirement at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

His main role was marching at the front of the battalion on all ceremonial duties.

He spent two-and-a-half years overseas in Cyprus when the battalion was posted over there and has lived in Chester since their return.During his time in Cyprus, he was even disciplined and temporarily demoted from his rank of Lance Corporal to Fusilier for not marching in time during a parade for the Queen’s birthday.

Billy had his own full-time carer during his military service , Lance-Corporal Ryan Arthur, known as the goat major, who ensured his welfare at all times. Captain Nick Zorab said: “Every parade the regiment has taken part in, he’s been there. He’ll have met members of the royal family.

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