“Bright Young Things”

With a life style very different from “normal” during the 1920s, the “Bright Young Things” scandalized many people by their madcap activities. They were a small group of upper class young people who specialized in doing shocking things drinking a lot, driving fast cars in a dangerous manner and indulging in outrageous behaviour. They loved playing pranks, especially at the expense of others. One young lady, at an important buffet party attended by many famous people, replaced all the ham in the sandwiches with pink flannel and then watched gleefully as the guests dealt with their surprise! Midnight bathing, treasure hunts and parties were also loved. At one party in 1928, all the guests arrived dressed up as babies. As the “Bright Young Things” were mostly titled people, all their antics were eagerly reported by the press, to the disgust of the more conservative members of society

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