Ahanda Korama (from Turkey):

Dear friends,

One upon a time a Turkish singer called Barish Mancho was very popular in Japan.

A friend of mine (who claims to speak Japanese) says that the singer was popular in Japan BECAUSE the word “MANCHO” means something vulgar (referring to some genital organs) in Japanese slang.

IS THAT true? does the word MANCHO or MANCO have any dirty meaning in Japanese?

Thanx for your help

Ken Y-N (from Japan):

Yes, it is pretty crude slang (it’s banned from TV, for instance), for a lady’s front bottom…

Bluemoon (from Japan):

Manko is the exact slang for female genitals in Japan.

Omanko is same meaning so that Oman of country name is also very sensitive for some Japanese.

Wareme, Soso, Bobo, Bebe, Heppe, Omancho, Maccho, Appe, Beccho, Bencho, Manjyo-kko, Champe, Obencho, Ochoko, Omeko, Ososo, Omeccho, Ochanko, Chonchon, Bombo, He etc. etc. are all dialectal slangs for same part of female in Japan.

Cyn (from Japan):

It’s slang for vagina.

Ken Y-N is right, but in case you needed it spelled out…?

For more details, go here:


Read #7 and #10

That should enlighten you.

I don’t see why that name would make him popular though??

Hope that helps!

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