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Borat ile ilgili telif durumu

Sacha Baron Cohen isimli aktör, 2006yılı sonbaharı’nda, Borat isimli komedi filmi karakteriyle dünyada büyük başarı yakalamıştır. Borat karakterinin kendisine benzerliği nedeniyle Mahir Çağrı, “kendisinden izinsiz taklidi yapıldığı” iddiasıyla dava açacağını duyurmuştur.

In the highly anticipated mockumentary Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, second-world superstar Borat Sagdiyev (aka Sacha Baron Cohen of Ali G. fame) travels the US in search of love, understanding, and Pamela Anderson’s welcoming bosom. But Borat’s shtick ?exquisitely inept English, caterpillar ’stache, sleazy non sequiturs ? reminds us of another heavily accented, hirsute symbol of the sex: late-’90s Internet celebrity Mahir Cagri, whose Web site, www.ikissyou.org, implored women of the world to visit his native Turkey, “stay my home,” and, yes, kiss him.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who noticed the similarities: “All people know Sacha Baron Cohen imitate only me,” Cagri recently fumed via email. “He is stealing my character and giving bad message to USA people.” Cagri, who’s been struggling to start a career in show business ever since his boom-era glory days, says he intends to sue Baron Cohen. “He never contacted me or got my permission,” he writes. “If possible you can help me too for stop this or find good lawyer?” Sorry, we can’t do that, but we can give Cagri the third degree ? and let Wired readers be the judge.

WIRED: In the mock-doc, Borat is a globe-trotting journalist. Are you also a man of letters?
CAGRI: I do journalism as a freelancer sometimes. I go travel sometimes and take pictures-video-write, meet people for documentary.

Borat travels the US, examining American culture. Any memories from your visit in 1999?
I can’t forget party about me in San Francisco. Many people kissed me, took my signature, and took picture. America mix culture and big country, but people don’t think about other people. They love their own life only and fun-sex-game-drink.

Borat plays the guitar and sings Kazakh folk tunes. Are you also musically inclined?
I can play many instruments, but best I play accordion-flute-mandolin-violin-drum-and-saz (Turkish instrument). I like Cher and Shakira. Their voice and songs nice I like it.

Borat’s signature is his mustache. Didn’t you rock it first?
I start first grow mustache, 10 or 15 year ago. Sometimes, I been no mustache. I’m male and mustache shows a male mature.

Borat has his movie. Any plans for the Mahir Cagri story?
I’m trying to find USA publisher, and I hope I can receive good offer from Hollywood and play my own life and share with my fans, Julia Roberts, Spielberg, David Bowie, or others, this movie.

? Steven Leckart

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